Database Apr. 4, 2014

Religious Diversity Index Scores by Country

Map Mar. 28, 2014

Number of Executions in Each State Since 1977

Data Visualization, Slideshow Mar. 10, 2014

Changing Attitudes on Gay Marriage

A series of graphics shows how public opinion toward same-sex marriage has changed in Pew Research Center polls since 2001. See how much opinion varies by generation, religious group, gender, race and political party.

Data Visualization Feb. 11, 2014

Laws aimed at LGBT community in the former Soviet Union

Map Jan. 6, 2014

Same-Sex Marriage State-by-State

To date, courts, legislatures and voters in 17 states and the District of Columbia have legalized gay marriage, while 29 states have amended their constitutions to ban gay marriage. This interactive shows the change in each state’s policy over time.

Infographic Dec. 3, 2013

Infographic: Survey of Jewish Americans

Highlights from the Pew Research Survey on Jewish American attitudes on Jewish identity, marriage patterns, child rearing, attitudes towards Israel, and Jewish religious beliefs and practices.

Slideshow Nov. 21, 2013

Timeline: Key Dates in the End-of-Life Debate

Video Oct. 1, 2013

Video: ‘A Portrait of Jewish Americans’ Overview

Data Visualization Oct. 1, 2013

Calculate the Size of the U.S. Jewish Population

Data Visualization Oct. 1, 2013

Jewish Denominational Switching