Aug. 6, 2013

Deseret News: Radical life extension: What would you think of living to 120 and beyond, survey asks

Jul. 28, 2013

NYT: Pope’s Trip to Brazil Seen as ‘Strong Start’ in Revitalizing Church

Jul. 22, 2013

NPR: Brazil’s Evangelicals a growing force in prayer, politics

Jul. 22, 2013

Bloomberg: Pope Francis starts Rio trip to get more youth in pews

Jul. 20, 2013

Plain Dealer: Half of Americans believe exodus from organized religion is bad for the country

Jul. 15, 2013

Global Post: Restrictions on religion have increased globally since Arab Spring

Jul. 12, 2013

Columbus Dispatch: Americans divided about rising number of nonreligious

Jul. 9, 2013

Politifact: Phil Burress says all major religions are against same-sex marriage

Jul. 5, 2013

Deseret News: Survey: Many Americans believe rise in number of non-religious is bad

Jun. 1, 2013

AFP: Online Muslims outside the United States are more open to Western culture, Pew study finds