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Jan. 6, 2004

Poll: Americans Comfortable with Politicians’ Religious Rhetoric

Sep. 30, 2003

Pew Forum Executive Director Announces Resignation

Sep. 10, 2003

Poll: Two Years After 9/11, Growing Number of Americans Link Islam to Violence

Jul. 24, 2003

Poll: Growing Number of Americans Say Islam Encourages Violence Among Followers

Mar. 5, 2003

The Faith-Based Initiative Two Years Later: Examining its Potential, Progress and Problems

Oct. 5, 2002

Would a U.S. Attack on Iraq Constitute a Just War?

May. 1, 2002

Poll: Americans See Religion as Source of National Strength but Not Essential for being a Good Citizen

Apr. 10, 2002

Poll: Public Uneasy With Genetic Research

Mar. 20, 2002

Americans Struggle with Religion’s Role at Home and Abroad

Mar. 6, 2002

Interfaith Panel looks to President’s Bioethics Council to frame public debate