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Pew Research CenterMay 9, 2014

Una nueva encuesta de gran escala explora el cambio en la identidad religiosa de los latinos en los Estados Unidos

Pew Research CenterMay 7, 2014

Major New Survey Explores the Shifting Religious Identity of Latinos in the United States

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Catholics View Pope Francis as a Change for the Better

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Global Religious Hostilities Reached Six-Year High in 2012

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New Survey Analysis Looks at Americans’ Views on Human Evolution

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New Survey Explores Americans’ Christmas Plans, Childhood Traditions, and Likes and Dislikes About the Holiday Season

Pew Research CenterNov 21, 2013

New Survey Examines Public’s Views on End-of-Life Medical Treatments

Pew Research CenterNov 7, 2013

Many Sunnis and Shias Worry About Religious Conflict

Pew Research CenterOct 1, 2013

A Portrait of Jewish Americans

Pew Research CenterAug 15, 2013

New Survey Analysis on Morality of Abortion, Stem Cell Research and IVF