Nov. 4, 2010

Indonesia’s Place Along the Spectrum of Global Religious Restriction

This analysis draws upon testimony on U.S. International Religious Freedom Policy: the Outlook for 2010, before the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights, and Oversight, Feb. 3, 2010.

Nov. 4, 2010

Muslim Population of Indonesia

President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Indonesia Nov. 9-10 as part of a 10-day trip to Asia. A new Pew Forum graphic shows that Indonesia is the country with the world’s largest Muslim population (205 million).

Oct. 7, 2009

Interactive Data Table: World Muslim Population by Country

Oct. 7, 2009

Mapping the Global Muslim Population

Jul. 10, 2008

Religion in China

May. 1, 2008

Religion in China on the Eve of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Dec. 12, 2007

Presidential Election in South Korea Highlights Influence of Christian Community

Oct. 5, 2006

Spirit and Power – A 10-Country Survey of Pentecostals

Apr. 7, 2006

Islam in Southeast Asia

Sep. 26, 2005

Building a ’Harmonious Society’ in China