PublicationsJune 27, 2007

From the Ten Commandments to Christmas Trees: Public Religious Displays and the Courts

PublicationsJune 27, 2007

Religious Displays and the Courts

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Another Trans-Atlantic Divide? Church-State Relations in Europe and the United States

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School Graduations, Religion and the Courts

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Strange Bedfellows: Why Are Some Religious Groups Defending ’Bong Hits 4 Jesus’?

PublicationsDecember 12, 2006

The Christmas Wars: Religion in the American Public Square

PublicationsDecember 12, 2006

The "Christmas Wars": Holiday Displays and the Federal Courts

PublicationsMay 26, 2006

Federal Court Sends Back Georgia Evolution Sticker Case

PublicationsMay 11, 2006

Judge Allows Religious Rights Case at Guantanamo Bay to Move Forward

PublicationsMarch 29, 2006

Biology Wars