Dec. 8, 2008

A Post-Election Look at Religious Voters in the 2008 Election

Nov. 5, 2008

How the Faithful Voted

Nov. 3, 2008

Trends in Candidate Preferences Among Religious Groups

Oct. 30, 2008

Will Obama Win the White Catholic Vote?

Oct. 23, 2008

How Church Attendance Affects Religious Voting Patterns

Aug. 8, 2008

Targeting the Faithful

Jul. 10, 2008

Religion in China

Jun. 23, 2008

Press Conference Transcript: U.S. Religious Landscape Survey

Jun. 1, 2008

U.S. Religious Landscape Survey: Religious Beliefs and Practices

A major survey confirms the close link between Americans’ religious affiliation, beliefs and practices, on the one hand, and their social and political attitudes, on the other. The social and political fault lines in American society run through, as well as alongside, religious traditions.

May. 1, 2008

Religion in China on the Eve of the 2008 Beijing Olympics