DatabaseMay 12, 2015

Religious Landscape Study

Explore the geographic distribution and demographics of America’s major religious groups.

Pew Research CenterApril 2, 2015

Global Religious Futures Database

Explore Religion and Religious Change Around the World

DatabaseApril 2, 2015

Religious Composition by Country, 2010-2050

Explore the estimated religious composition of 198 countries and territories for 2010 to 2050.

DatabaseJanuary 5, 2015

Members of Congress: Religious Affiliations

Explore the religious affiliation of each of the members to be sworn into the 114th Congress on Jan. 6, 2015. Data were compiled by CQ Roll Call and the Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project.

DatabaseApril 4, 2014

Table: Religious Diversity Index Scores by Country

DatabaseDecember 18, 2012

Table: Religious Composition by Country, in Numbers

DatabaseMarch 8, 2012

Table: Estimated Number of Immigrants by Religious Affiliation

DatabaseMarch 8, 2012

Table: Estimated Number of Emigrants by Religious Affiliation

DatabaseDecember 19, 2011

Table: Christian Population in Numbers by Country

DatabaseNovember 21, 2011

Database: Lobbying for the Faithful