December 13, 2016

Educational Attainment of Religious Groups by Country

There are important differences in educational attainment among religious groups living in the same region -- or even the same country. The table below details the estimated educational attainment of Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and religiously unaffiliated adults ages 25 and older in 151 countries as of 2010 (or the latest year available). See our report, “Religion and Education Around the World,” for more information on these estimates. You also can download detailed data, including breakdowns by generation.

Click the symbol next to each country name to see values by gender.

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Country Christians Muslims Hindus Buddhists Jews Unaffiliated All
Country All Male Female Christians Christians (combined) Christians (male) Christians (female) Muslims Muslims (combined) Muslims (male) Muslims (female) Unaffiliated Unaffiliated (combined) Unaffiliated (male) Unaffiliated (female) Hindus Hindus (combined) Hindus (male) Hindus (female) Buddhists Buddhists (combined) Buddhists (male) Buddhists (female) Jews Jews (combined) Jews (male) Jews (female)